New brand, new website, new ITAL

November 2017

ITAL develops software solutions that help businesses deliver measurable efficiencies. The company specialises in software and mobile apps that helps customers pay for services, and helps businesses to collect money that is owed to them. Historically, the business has been focused on the rail sector but now, with the help of KPC, they are looking at how they can apply their solutions to wider industry sectors.

The first step in this change has been a brand refresh. We have updated the look at feel of the original brand so that it is modern, fresh and clean – but still works well with ITAL’s brand values and everyday approach.

We also worked closely with the company to understand exactly what its strengths are, and how it can bring in more business from existing and new customers. An in-depth review of products, services and processes has helped to create a clear proposition that anyone in the company can explain.

Using all this background work as a base, ITAL now has a brand new website which is contemporary and appealing, with information intuitively organised and easily accessible. Visually appealing, the site draws visitors in, and the clear language means that readers know exactly what’s on offer and the benefits that working with ITAL will give them.

New ITAL website

"We've been really impressed with the way KPC have dived into the business, getting to know all the nitty-gritty details and then using that knowledge to make our proposition clearer and easier to sell. We’re delighted with the new website and we’re looking forward to working with KPC on our on-going marketing needs."

If you would be interested to see more about our digital design and website development capabilities, take a look at some of the services we offer.

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