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Imagine a new addition to your team that:

  • although wearing a marketing and communication hat, knows that the impact of what we do affects your bottom line;
  • reminds you of your goals, original ambitions, why you're in business;
  • comes armed with fresh perspectives, insights and ideas; and a little focus and clarity;
  • can call on the craft and creativity to bring personality and authority to your brand, in print or on screens;
  • ensures everyone who matters to your business – employees, customers, stakeholders - hears and understands your voice;
  • stays both close enough and respectfully distant to see what you sometimes can't;
  • is interested enough to ask and keep asking - so when you want a marketing answer, it's considered, ready and right;
  • has worked with blue chips and local charities, and always makes sure no matter what your marketing budget, you know where it's going, and why;
  • knows a business is only as good as its people - and ensures your employees, as well as your customers, have good reason to believe in you;
  • knows results matter, and has a responsibility to perform for the good of your business.