Most companies have a business plan. Some may even have a mission statement and company values. But unless they are at the heart of everything you do, and communicated clearly to all your audiences, they’re effectively a waste of time.

Successful businesses – of all sizes – have a clear story to tell. It’s a story that your employees can be proud of. A story that builds customer loyalty. A story that everyone can understand, from your shareholders to the media.

More and more businesses are recognising that a strong internal story is critical to success.

Internal and corporate communication today is no longer about broadcasting messages, but about developing a strategic direction, goals and objectives around which employees and stakeholders can engage, take part in and be proud of.

Corporate communications

KPC has a long history of working at Board and C-suite level to define and develop business plans and values in a way that’s meaningful for the rest of the organisation. From annual reports to internal communication campaigns; company brochures to focused marketing materials, we ensure that your corporate communication plan helps you to be properly understood internally and externally.

Internal communications

Engaged employees are happy, productive and more likely to stay with your business. That means increased turnover, better margins, lower recruitment costs and an improved brand reputation. Communicating clearly and fairly with your team is where business success starts. From the moment your next employee reads your job ad, every communication should reflect your company’s vision, values and personality. They should feel respected, recognised and rewarded.


Deborah’s contribution goes way beyond the management of the "communication"; she also acts as a sounding board to senior executives and is not afraid to challenge their blind spots. Her natural enthusiasm gives a powerful boost when communicating with virtual teams; she is a real asset for any team that is pioneering a business.

Marketing Manager, Shell

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Internal Communications

Communication in times of change

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Read how we helped a fast-moving blue-collar company shift from 65% to 79% pride in their company in just 12 months - work that got us short-listed for the PRCA 2019 Internal Communications Campaign of the Year.

Furlong Flooring

Internal Communications

Turning employees into advocates

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We work with businesses to make sure they have a culture and vision that makes employees feel valued, appreciated and looked after. We can work within an existing internal comms project or start completely afresh, getting valuable insights from your people and using these to build a better working environment where employees value your business, respect your leadership and feel empowered to do their best.