Developing communications to bring two organisations - and cultures - together to ensure a smooth merger for Shell

One of Shell’s largest B2B businesses needed some extra support to help bring meaningful and credible internal communication to their global audience. This was a crucial time for Shell Specialities, as the business was the result of a recent merger between two separate divisions, requiring careful change management techniques to bring the two organisations - and cultures - together.

KPC developed a 100 day plan for the business merger, identifying cultural and practical areas of change that would need to be addressed.

Development of the communication plan took into account not just the important and traditional areas of engagement but also employed techniques and actions to address other areas that were key to success, for example demonstrable leadership, "what’s in it for me" arguments and dilemma sharing to promote real engagement.

KPC helped drive the use of new internal comms channels within Shell, for example a central news gathering service, Yammer and webcasts – not previously widely employed.

Research conducted throughout Downstream (over 6,000 people) showed Shell Specialities to be the top performing business in key areas of internal communication, within two years of the initial business merger taking place:



said they thought the value of their communication was good or very good – the highest performing division in Shell


said the communication from leaders was clear and in context


that the communication effectively explained business priorities and targets


agreed that the communication provided effective two way feedback


These epic journeys would not have been possible without your communications talents! Many thanks.

Vice President, Shell UK

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Shell internal comms

Communicating clearly and fairly with your team is where business success starts. From the moment your next employee reads your job ad, every communication should reflect your company’s vision, values and personality.

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