Are you:

Worried that you need to do more or different
marketing but not sure where to start?


Spending a lot on marketing but have no idea
if it is generating any business?

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We’d like to help by taking you out of your daily business and away from your
usual marketing preconceptions, into a creative and challenging environment
which pushes you to find new insights and perspectives on your business and
about your customers, resulting in a marketing plan you can see will deliver.

KPC Marketing Discovery and Planning Workshop

Step into your customers’ shoes, take a fresh approach and build a solid, purposeful marketing plan on firm foundations. We’ll take a deep drive and a fully facilitated and structured look at your business. That process takes around 4-5 hours and is followed up with a comprehensive, fully shaped marketing plan, with short, medium and long-term priorities to help you get started and maintain momentum.

You can then clearly see how to, and who can, implement the plan for you, whether you call on internal resources or outsource to us or another supplier. The plan is yours to decide what the next step might be. Together, we’ll help set a foundation for more reliable and consistent marketing of your business.

KPC responded to our needs in a focused and attentive way – they helped to define the identity of our target customer and create a relevant and coherent plan on how to reach and engage with them. KPC exceeded our expectations. This is our first foray into working with a professional marketing company for our business and, thanks to the KPC team, it was a very positive experience. 10/10 would recommend.

Philip Cody, Phoenix Footwear

During our time together, instead of diving into marketing specifics such as the merits of social media or if your SEO is working, we’ll step back and reflect on…..

Target Audience

Your target audience(s):

What does your ideal customer look like?
Where are they getting their information?
How do they make decisions?
Are you attracting these customers today?

Your customers' needs:

What are they telling you they need?
What do they need that they are not telling you?
Are you offering what they need and is it being valued?
Who is doing this better than you? What are the alternatives?

Promoting your company:

Are you presenting your product/service in a way that grabs attention?
Are you available to your customer at every step of their journey?
What tools or materials do you need to support your sales and marketing efforts?

At the end of the day, you will leave with a different perspective; of both your business and your customers. And of marketing! In practical terms, your resulting plan will be a comprehensive strategy based on:

Identification of your audience(s) and fleshed out persona profiles

The tools/materials you need to attract your audience(s)

Clear understanding of which channels to use and why

Success factors: clear measurements to know how well your plan is working

"With all the marketing jargon and processes it was quite daunting commissioning work to get to the nitty gritty of our Marketing. We were not sure if we were really going to find out anything new or get value for money. But actually during our work shop with KPC we uncovered fundamentals that we hadn’t appreciated and also shook off some hang ups that had been holding us back. Completely refreshing, unexpected and a really open honest down to earth approach by Deborah and her team has ignited a bit of fire in the belly of our company and we feel like we have focus and a realistic approach to making even small changes have a big impact. The fact that we laughed a lot and enjoyed it was a total bonus!"

Helen Neatherway, Operations Director, From The Hip

Our Marketing Discovery and Planning Workshop has helped many businesses develop a marketing plan which is powerful, focused and delivers results.

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The process of determining our customers’ individual requirements and needs was thought provoking and enlightening for us all. KPC helpfully steered the conversation in the right direction and we now have a clearer direction of what we need to achieve. Now to get it done!

Mike Symonds - Furlong Flooring

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