At KPC, we devise marketing strategies that produce results. We’ll go the extra mile to fully understand your business, before creating a plan that will see you reach your goals. Our transparent approach means you’ll always be kept in the know and fully aware of what you’re getting for your investment.

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Ask yourself...

Is your marketing strategy driving results?

Are you seeing a return on your investment?

Does your marketing help reach your business goals?

At KPC, we're passionate about devising marketing strategies that truly work and creating effective plans which ensure execution to the highest standards. We have worked alongside a variety of clients to develop their marketing strategy and planning documents for individual marketing campaigns as well as entire marketing positioning campaigns for whole organisations.

But we don't just provide you with the great ideas. We're also a marketing implementation agency which means we'll take the plan, put it into practice and monitor the success for you. At KPC, we know that marketing strategies and planning are worthless without measurement. That's why we put a strong emphasis on results, with regular reviews against targets agreed on by you.

As with all our clients, we'll fully immerse ourselves in your organisation to discover what will work, what won't, and put these findings into practice. We'll also regularly review your marketing strategy and planning documents and keep you in the loop, so you know exactly what you are getting for your investment.

We're a full-service marketing implementation agency, which means there's no holds barred when it comes to creating a successful and effective marketing strategy and planning programme. Whether it's digital marketing, branding, web design or general marketing collateral your business needs; we can provide this for you as we have done for our huge portfolio of clients.

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Discover the real power of your business with our Marketing Workshop

A dedicated, off-site, expert-led workshop that gives you the time and space to see exactly what’s important to your business, forming the basis of a strategic marketing plan that delivers results.

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We support your strategic marketing with:



Developing a clear personality for your business that you can use consistently across all your communications.

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Words, images, videos and other content that talks directly to your target customer, persuading them to take the next step.

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Using the right channels to reach, engage and interact with customers, building a secure online brand.

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Measurement & Analysis

Tracking all your activity, so you can see a clear return on investment and we can see how to tweak, continue or step up your campaigns.

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Recent client success story:

Furlong Flooring

Strategic Marketing

Building an aligned sales strategy

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Open speech

We thought we had a plan, says Ian Collacott, Sales Director at Furlong Flooring. We thought we had a strategy, but we realised that actually, what we had was more reactive than pro-active, and there were things missing that could help us achieve even more.

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