Whether the change is planned, or unexpected, it brings disruption and sometimes fear. It can also bring reduced productivity and a lot of questions. Even if the change is welcome, clear internal communication and leadership are required while things bed in.

Are you:


New to the company or role and trying to unite your team around your vision?


Merging with or acquiring a new company and concerned to bring all teams together?


Making some tough decisions and worried about keeping morale high?


Looking to introduce new values or a vision and want to inspire the troops?

Whatever the reason, KPC brings a systematic approach to help build a plan to manage the change as far as possible. We start with building a clear vision of the value and benefits the change will bring. We align that vision to meet the needs of all your stakeholders so everyone feels invested in the success. And then we can think about applying the best and most appropriate communication channels to reach everyone, including remote workers.

The importance of planning and thinking ahead is critical to the success of implementation. Knowing the right steps are in place, having a guiding programme to ensure everyone is engaged and knowing what success looks like, gives peace of mind. Leaving you to concentrate on the practical side of things, like keeping productivity high and customers satisfied.

The Change Management Process

If only it were possible that a series of steps could deliver a successful change programme or internal communication plan. It’s never that simple and all change takes time and planning.

But we have found that there are a few stepping stones that will help guide to a successful outcome. Having a vision of success is important, but it’s just as important to ensure the vision resonates with everyone in the organisation and is accessible – and can be tested and challenged – by everyone. From ‘change champions’ who may be tasked with selling in ideas, to senior managers who need to show allegiance to the vision, to the front-line who are delivering the company’s brand values and services everyday; everyone needs to be brought along.

The change management process

The Change Management Plan

We can help with a carefully curated plan. Whether we work with you and/or your internal communications team, we have a step-process that will guide you across the complete change journey.

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The change communication plan

Deborah and KPC worked for John Laing plc during my time as CEO. They were instrumental in helping us promote our narrative, company's purpose and values internally and externally. During the COVID-19 crisis they were incredibly dedicated to maintaining contact between our people around the world at a time when all of them were working from home. Deborah is passionate, dedicated and creative. She is a real game changer and I hope I will work with her again in the future.

Olivier Brousse, Former CEO, John Laing