Good communication is at the heart of achieving your objectives. We work with businesses to develop, simplify and visualise the message and reputation they want to build.

Strong and consistent internal and corporate communication is at the heart of KPC’s expertise. Few businesses can survive or thrive unless their corporate goals and objectives are clear and inspiring, and unless the workforce is delivering them.

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Ask yourself...

Do your employees understand your vision? Are they actively working towards it?

Do your employees, customers and media see you the way you would like them to?

Could you lose your reputation overnight in a crisis?

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes to help engage employees and to work alongside external interest groups, media and key stakeholders.

Focused and strategic, we work with businesses to develop and clarify the key messages that will build positive engagement and brand reputation.

We take things seriously, which is why we have been asked to work on communication strategies and projects for government agencies, international brands and FTSE 250 companies – in many cases on a long-term partnership basis, not just as an ad-hoc consultancy.

Working with senior leaders and external stakeholders, we have brought together disparate organisations and key people to work together under one brand; we have secured customer support for decisions claimed by the national media as ‘unpopular’; and we have worked alongside activists to find mutual ground to help achieve company goals.

Our communications work carries weight and significance, no matter how big or small your company. When you work with KPC, you know you are getting sound advice, strategic support and a secure basis for your overall communications process.

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Internal and corporate communications

Everyone you come into contact with needs to engage with your story. That means you have to be authentic, genuine and inclusive – with your employees, your customers, your investors, your suppliers – everyone. If your employees are disengaged, your customers aren’t returning and your investors are confused, it might be time for a fresh look at the way you communicate.

Discover how we achieved tangible results for Furlong Flooring in our latest case study.

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Furlong Flooring

Internal Communications

Turning employees into advocates

Saur UK

Stakeholder Relations

Establishing the brand as a good community player

Stakeholder and crisis communications

Every business needs a stakeholder plan – a plan to reach and engage with all those people who have a view about your organisation, from media to activists to local communities. And, in the event that your business suddenly needs to manage an unexpected situation that could damage your reputation, you should have a process in place to manage and handle the disruption. We have experience in rapid-response communications that steady your stakeholders, deliver a clear and consistent message and manage media expectations as well as a more considered way to engage and bring your stakeholders on side as you deliver your day-to-day business.

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Are you ready to:

  • Develop creative and impactful internal communication strategies that engage your staff?
  • Devise and align your corporate strategy into meaningful messages?
  • Ensure that your business is properly understood internally and externally?
  • Put in place internal communication channels which support sustainable and meaningful engagement and two-way feedback?
  • Bring a cool head to what can sometimes be a heated environment?
  • Create crisis communication plans and checklists to plan for a more structured and confident approach, if and when crisis strikes?
  • Develop stakeholder relations plans to ensure all audience groups, from customers to shareholders, from unions to pressure groups, are listened to and appropriately supported?