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Corporate and Internal Communications

The beating heart of KPC, this is where we honed our communication and engagement skills. It's still the place we return to time and time again - no business can survive or thrive unless its corporate goals and objectives are clear and inspiring, and unless the workforce is delivering them.

Often, if organisations have important decisions to make, or messages to deliver, the ability to persuade people to listen, to understand what is being said and ultimately to add support, will determine how successfully that organisation can move forward with its objectives.

We work with businesses to develop, simplify and visualize the message and reputation they want to build. Working with senior executives to develop the message and then test, and test again to ensure it resonates for all audiences. We have brought together disparate companies and people to work together under one brand; have secured customer support for decisions claimed by the national media as "unpopular"; and have worked alongside activists to find mutual ground to help achieve company goals.

Corporate Communications

Many companies have a business plan and strategy for growth and success. Few are able to clearly articulate it to their employees, shareholders, unions and even the media and other external audiences in a way that encourages commitment and confidence.

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Internal Communications

External brand promises and marketing claims are only credible if employees feel inclined and able to deliver on them. Our internal communication projects deliver corporate messages and campaigns that inspire employees to deliver business success.

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Crisis & Stakeholder Comms

No one wants to think about the worst case scenario. Yet pre-planning means that everyone is better prepared when a major situation occurs. From our live crisis and scenario planning experiences, we know how to build realistic plans that provide workable guidance in the event of a crisis.

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We are award winning marketing and communication experts. We specialise in building brand awareness, amplifying messages and increasing revenue for B2B businesses. We're here to get to know you and understand you. And to find ways for more of your customers to do the same.

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