Case Studies

Grayshott Pottery logo

Grayshott Pottery - A new marketing approach

The popular Surrey tourist attraction, Grayshott Pottery enlisted the help of KPC for marketing support, ideas and critically, on-going delivery.

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Shell - Internal Communications

One of Shell’s largest B2B businesses needed some extra support to help bring meaningful and credible internal communication to their global audience.

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JCP - Brand to Broadcast

Industry leaders in collaborative and behavioural strategies, JCP Consultancy enlisted the help of KPC to uncover ways to make their brand stand out to help generate additional B2B sales.

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Pfizer - Corporate Communications

Pfizer wanted to help its sales and corporate staff to engage more confidently when dealing with customers and external stakeholders. KPC worked alongside leading creative agency WRG to delivery this award-winning campaign.

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Jankel - Being Exhibition Ready

A key tactical element of Jankel’s marketing strategy is attendance at trade shows. KPC worked with Jankel to maximise the opportunities during events.

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HRG logo

HRG - Stakeholder Relations

KPC was asked to support corporate management company, HRG in establishing a new presence in a new market.

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Reach - increasing brand awareness

Reach Contact, the field marketing experts, approached KPC to increase their online visibility through their website and social media platforms.

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Jankel - Employee Engagement

Jankel Armouring, one of the nation’s key military vehicle providers, approached KPC to help inspire their workforce with a vision of the significant difference their work makes.

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JCP - Online Content Strategy

JCP recognised that their potential for growth was possible by increasing their on-line presence. They enlisted KPC to build a coherent marketing plan that ensured JCP and their services was the answer to all relevant searches.

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Saur - Stakeholder Relationships

Saur Group, one of France’s largest water utility companies, enlisted the help of KPC to develop a programme of stakeholder communications that would help improve relations in a highly charged environment.

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