Grayshott Pottery

This hidden gem in the Surrey countryside isn’t just a great retail outlet. It also has a great story to tell. Yet maintaining a marketing strategy and ensuring a brand presence throughout the year can be testing for even the biggest of marketing teams. Grayshott Pottery turned to KPC for extra marketing support, ideas and critically, on-going delivery.

First step was to identify the best ways to promote Grayshott Pottery beyond its current reputation as a gift shop and to generate a wider reach outside of the catchment area. KPC’s aim was to enhance the brand as a destination and make it more relevant to a wider range of people and for a broader range of reasons.

KPC's objectives for Grayshott Pottery:

  • Appeal to younger audiences based on an alternative place to visit and spend time
  • Attract shoppers looking for individual, beautiful gifts for weddings, anniversaries, special events
  • Establish Grayshott Pottery as a distinctive destination, a working pottery with unique gifts and crockery items – far apart from more traditional gift shops in the area

Digital Opportunities

  • A new website to better display the pottery gallery and showcase all that Grayshott Pottery has to offer
  • A channel strategy that put them in direct contact with alternative and competitive suppliers, eg wedding gift services, days out, creative courses and even kitchen retailers and interior designers
  • A social strategy that opened up the Grayshott Pottery brand to new audiences, from younger mums looking for new venues, to tourists and visitors to the area, to WIs, creative groups and local interest groups
  • A media strategy based on Grayshott Pottery’s long heritage as one of the few working potteries supplying celebrity chefs, high street restaurants and even celebrities with crockery sets, bespoke services and high-end gifts

Planning and Delivery

This was underpinned by a comprehensive working calendar that became the foundation for all information to support a structured digital approach:

  • Mapped out key opportunities for the year (mothers’ day, Christmas etc)
  • Identified new media/PR opportunities to bring extra interest (60 year anniversary, new CEO)
  • Identified creative ways to ensure regular content for ‘leaner’ news months, tie-ing in to local/community events or on-line opportunities, or re-purposing existing marketing collateral for new audiences.

Working with KPC was a really great experience.
They knew exactly what we were striving to achieve. In tune with our thoughts and objectives, they had innovative ideas for us to consider.”

Glenn Myers, Managing Director, Grayshott Pottery



increase in organic social followers in 6 months


increase in Instagram followers over the last 6 months


increase in sales across two Christmas shopping evening events compared to 2015 takings


Increased social referrals from on average 20 visitors per month to 550 visitors per month


Amount we grew database by applying data capture methods

Grayshott Pottery 1
Grayshott Pottery 2

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