This pharmaceutical industry leader wanted to help its sales and corporate staff to engage more confidently when dealing with customers and external stakeholders. Not always an easy task when inaccurate and negative perceptions got in the way of meaningful conversations.

KPC worked alongside leading creative agency WRG to:

  • Develop a campaign that celebrates Pfizer’s good work in local and international communities, and for medical research
  • Explode the myths in a positive, compelling and engaging way
  • Provide the tools and ammunition the staff need to confidently address inaccurate perceptions and engage confidently and with pride.

We started with a situation analysis to fully understand the real blockers and issues people felt when talking about their jobs and their company.

We created a variety of tools that helped staff to quickly digest and remember the many positive statistics and examples that Pfizer has to its name.

We ensured alignment of the whole organisation, not just with a successful ambassador programme but by embedding the One Voice campaign into the company culture.


This was a very impressive campaign with tangible benefits for Pfizer and its employees. The involvement of the leadership team was particularly impressive. Just reading through it made you feel enthusiastic and want to be part of it. It was a really simple, precise concept based on a really important insight. For that alone it is the winner.

Communiqué Awards



of colleagues felt confident and proud about the work Pfizer does

Award won

The internal communication campaign won a communications award at the 2012 Communique Awards


were regularly talking positively about it

Pfizer brochure
Winning Team

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