So says Michael Jordan, considered to be one of the best and most successful basketball players of his time.

We think he’s right. In fact, we know he is.
Our clients often come to us because they have been waving a flashlight around their business; never quite focusing the beam on the things that work.
Which is why we have created our dedicated marketing workshop – a place to focus on your business, your customers, your ambitions and your way forward.

So, what happens?

We take you out of your business for the day – and out of your comfort zone. It may feel like a big step – 100% of the clients who have taken that step have said it has completely changed the way they think about marketing their business, and they come out full of energy and enthusiasm and ready to take the next steps.

Let’s take one of our clients, Surrey Ceramics. This agile company designs and makes bespoke tableware for restaurants – it numbers the Gleneagles Hotel, Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen and Nandos amongst its customers as well as a plethora of independent and boutique restaurants.

Referred to us by its sister company, Grayshott Pottery, the client came to us to refine its marketing so that it could increase sales to its target market. After an initial chat, we could see that it would be really useful to define exactly what that target market looked like, and how we could reach the right customers.

It’s all about working together

The workshop isn’t a place where you sit and listen. It’s a place where we all roll up our sleeves and get into the nitty gritty of your business. That means there’s preparation for us both to do beforehand, and homework to do afterwards. Surrey Ceramics loved this approach because they love their business, and they can see its potential. It was a fantastic change of pace and focus for the team.

Before we started, we asked them to look at their business, using questions like:

  • Do you know what matters to your customers?
    Is this backed up with evidence or gut-feel?
  • Do you know how much of your business is repeat business?
  • Why and how do customers buy from you?

In lots of cases, businesses have never given any thought to this sort of information – and yet it’s crucial to ensuring that you are moving in the same place as your customers. Put simply, there’s no point going to Silverstone and trying to sell saddles to racing drivers when all your customers are actually at Newmarket.

And we also did our own preparation. We looked at:

  • A review of the client’s current marketing, focusing on their website, social media and customer service data.
  • A brief competitor analysis; who is doing things well and what can we learn?
  • How we could make the best use of the day to achieve the client’s end goals?

It was a great session and very thought provoking. It has highlighted to me how we need to integrate our brand, sub brands and messages consistently and as part of staff training so that every employee understands our brand, not just the MD or sales reps. Today we saw many opportunities where we can join the dots and make improvements for a clearer brand identity and a uniformed approach to the market so that we will see a greater return for our efforts.

Mike Symonds, MD - Furlong Flooring

And the hours fly by!

Clients are sometimes taken aback by the idea of a long half-day or a whole day out of the office. But they’re always amazed by how quickly the time goes, and how much we can cover – and uncover – in a single session.

Our clients know so much about their businesses and their customers. It’s simply that they’ve often never had the time to think about what they know in any detail.

We ask questions, give scenarios and put a commercial slant on every piece of information, so that by the end of the day, we have clear markets, clear audiences and a better idea of what messages and approaches are going to work best for each one.


There was a lot to go through and I am feeling really positive about moving forwards. I found the session really helpful in terms of trying to switch from our normal view of things to get right into the psyche of the customer – their requirements, aspirations and goals.

Chris Greenaway, MD, Surrey Ceramics

KPC Workshop
KPC Workshop

What happens next?

At the end of the session, clients are full of renewed enthusiasm for the business and for the new approach they can take to marketing. They can see that the beam is much more focused on the things that matter – and the things that will bring results.

We put together a detailed report for Surrey Ceramics, which outlined their three main customer types, and then gave plenty of detail about them – including where they would be looking for inspiration and information; what time of day they might be searching for something new; what social media platforms they were most likely to use; and what would most convince them to try or buy.

Along with that, we included a list of things to do – which we separated into ‘quick wins’, ‘mid-term wins’ and ‘long-term ideas’. This gave the client an immediate overview of what could be done straight away to improve results, and what we could help them with over time to embed great marketing and sales behaviours into the business.


It was extremely useful to think about things from outside of my own business and I appreciated being pushed/challenged. Going through the journey with three different types of customer was excellent, while the sales journey was excellent at focusing on which bits we are good at, and which bits not.

Ben Wharin, MD - QD London

Does it work?

We identified several areas where Surrey Ceramics could focus their marketing to improve results:

  • An engaging, useful Instagram account
  • Increasing direct enquiries from the website
  • Improving Google rankings for agreed keywords
  • Increasing brand awareness in the restaurant sector

Since we began working on this plan alongside the client, we have achieved:

  • Grown Instagram following organically by more than 500 followers
  • 11 direct social media enquiries, including from some leading brands
  • 31 website enquires – nearly double the previous year’s number
  • Now rank on Page 1 of Google’s organic search for 10 new keywords
  • Achieved a feature snippet on Google for a target keyword
  • Measurable brand awareness includes chefs who regularly tag the brand in photos of their food

Most importantly, everyone at Surrey Ceramics is on board with the new approach. They understand their target audience – they know how to approach them and how to speak to them. They have seen great results already in just a few months of working with us, and they know that this is because they took the time at the very beginning of the process to get under the skin of the business.

How do I book a marketing workshop?

If you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level – to be focused and targeted and make sure that you’re (finally) getting a real return on your marketing spend, then just call us for a chat today. Not every business is in the right place for this in-depth challenge, and we’ll have a conversation about exactly where you are and what you want to achieve.

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