Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

March 2019

We often get asked if LinkedIn Premium is worth paying for – here’s a short summary of the pros and cons to help with your decision making.

What is a LinkedIn premium account?

LinkedIn Premium is an extended version of your free LinkedIn account, which comes with a host of added benefits and features. There are four different premium accounts, and each one can cost between £19.99-£99.98 per month.

LinkedIn Premium accounts work best for those who are looking for a new career or are looking to hire, or for those who are looking to find leads and drive sales. That’s because LinkedIn Premium unlocks benefits such as InMail messaging, advanced search options and lead builders.

LinkedIn Premium account types

Sales Navigator

Sales navigator is great for business development managers and sales professionals. The service allows you to find leads in your target market, build trusted relationships and gather insights and data from your audience.

This plan includes features such as:

  • InMail Messaging
  • Sales Insights
  • Advanced Search with Lead Builder
  • Access to who has viewed your profile

Cost: £49.99 - £69.98 per month


LinkedIn Premium for business is perhaps more suited to marketers as it allows you to promote and grow your business, learn new skills to enhance your professional brand and find and contact your ideal audience.

This plan includes features such as:

  • InMail messaging
  • Business insights
  • Online video courses
  • Access to who has viewed your profile
  • Career insights

Cost: £39.99 - £49.99 per month


The best LinkedIn premium solution for job seekers. The platform allows you to stand out and get in touch with hiring managers, see how you directly compare with other applicants and learn news skills that will enable you to advance your career.

This plan includes features such as:

  • Direct messaging for recruiters
  • Applicant insights
  • Salary insights
  • Online video courses
  • Access to who has viewed your profile

Cost: £19.99 - £24.98 per month

Recruiter Lite

The best LinkedIn Premium accounts for recruiters. Recruiter Lite allows you to find great applicants quickly, contact the best talent directly and build relationships with those you are looking to hire. This plan includes many features, such as:

  • InMail messaging
  • Smart suggestions
  • Candidate tracking
  • Advanced search
  • Integrated hiring

Cost: £79.99 - £99.98 per month

LinkedIn Premium Benefits

We’ve used the platform on behalf of a handful of our clients, and we’ve found the main LinkedIn Premium benefits to be:

Find exactly who you are looking for

LinkedIn Premium accounts give you the ability to search for prospects based on a combination of criteria including job title, industry, company size and years in the role. As a result, you are presented with a list of highly relevant prospects ready to be nurtured.

Curated timeline

LinkedIn takes every person or account you have saved, and curates their activity into a timeline. This allows you to see what content each of your prospects are sharing and engaging with. This can then be used in one of two ways. The first as a conversation starter, when reaching out to these prospects and the second, as an aid to generate your own content which will appeal to your audience.

Lead suggestions

If you know the company you want to target, visit their business page via LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn will suggest a handful of the most relevant people for you to reach out to within that organisation, based on your pre-set search criteria.

Discover how active your prospects are

When saving a lead, you have access to a whole host of information about the prospect; including how long since they were last active on the platform. If they haven’t been active in the past 30 days, you can assume they might not be that responsive to you on this platform. On the other hand, if they are active regularly, you can work on nurturing this prospect more.


One of the best LinkedIn Premium benefits is the ability to use InMails. This allows you to send a long message before connecting; allowing you to really sell your business before connecting and therefore giving the prospect more information before deciding whether to connect or not.

The cons

While LinkedIn Premium offers a host of benefits and creates a wealth of opportunities, it will only work if you are motivated and willing to invest time into nurturing the platform. For what can be a hefty investment, it will only be worth your money if you’re willing to put in the time needed to generate a list of relevant prospects and put together a personalised strategy for each. For example, the aspects of your business that might appeal to one of your prospects might differ to another, and therefore it’s important to research this and create a different messaging technique for each lead.

Other cons of LinkedIn Premium include:

Results can be unreliable

Sometimes, accounts that don’t align with your search criteria can sneak through into your results. It’s also the case sometimes where LinkedIn doesn’t use all of your specified criteria to find results which align with your ideal prospect type.

You can’t export lead lists

Once you’ve built up a good quality lead base, you, unfortunately, can’t export them from LinkedIn Premium. That means you have to continue paying the subscription fee or enter them into a spreadsheet manually to continue to nurture these leads.

The platform isn’t always clear

The platform has lots of great features, but unless you know what you’re doing, it isn’t necessarily clear how to use them. There are so many things you can do on the platform that you have to be willing to invest time in exploring and learning how to use the system.

So, is LinkedIn Premium worth it?

Yes. But only if you’re willing to invest your time into using it to its full potential. It’s one thing investing in the platform financially, but you also need to be committed with your time to make the most of what LinkedIn Premium has to offer.

If you want to give LinkedIn Premium a go, a good way to make sure you stay committed to using it is to include it as part of your marketing plan/strategy. Outlining how you will use it and how it will tie in with the rest of your marketing/sales strategy will keep you on track. If you want to know more about putting an effective marketing plan together, see our article here.

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