Anne Thompson

Anne Thompson

Internal Engagement

I've always been curious about people and communication. At school I noticed how some individuals effortlessly attracted a following. I wanted to know how that worked. Later in life, a passion for language, developed at university, followed by a corporate career in Human Resources taught me that communication is at the heart of everything people do. I've also learned that effective communication is an art rather than a science and that getting it right isn’t always easy. Most of the challenges I've faced in my HR career in companies like EDS, Computer Sciences Corporation and Parity, have had communication at their core, whether it was helping business leaders to articulate their vision or communicate difficult messages, coaching managers how to lead, motivate and develop their teams or resolving disputes. These experiences made me even more curious about the power of communication.

An exploration into the world of NLP followed by training as a Psychotherapist helped me to recognise the importance of communicating with congruence and integrity and that 'the meaning of any communication is the response that it gets'. As an independent HR and Organisation Development consultant over the last 6 years, I've found this to be equally true for corporate leaders depending on the engagement and commitment of employees for their success as it is for those in the fields of external branding and client communications where messaging is key.

I'm still curious. At KPC, I'm fortunate to have the opportunity work with a fascinating range of organisations who strive for integrity in their communications and who are prepared to take on the challenge that brings.

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