CASE STUDY: From Brand to Broadcast for JCP Consultancy

JCP case study
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KPC get the job done, and done well. They fully understand the complexities of stakeholder communication. Basing their approach on the requirement to effectively engage people in taking full responsibility for understanding the needs of others when trying to communicate with them.

Simon Vaughan, Managing Director


Our work with JCP is a clear demonstration of the way KPC likes to work with clients. Initially the company was looking for some extra marketing support. However, as our relationship grew, and we became more immersed in understanding their medium and long-term objectives, we started to uncover ways to make the brand stand out to help generate additional B2B sales.


  • New logo and strapline, colour scheme, brand message, distinctively different from their competition.
  • Website and marketing collateral.
  • A new creative launch to clients announcing the new brand.
  • A supporting marketing strategy to maintain momentum.
JCP case study JCP case study


  • A complete brand refresh resulted in a modern take on their existing brand, with clear brand guidelines that ensured they stood apart from their competition.
  • A website that became a central pillar to their marketing, with engaging design and enticing calls to action, all wrapped in a much clearer demonstration of JCP’s brand proposition.
  • 40% engagement for their launch email, resulting in 88% increase of new visitors to their website in the first week.
  • Campaign planning ensured the brand made strategic alliances with customers and partners who could raise awareness.