CASE STUDY: Making an Emotional Impact

Jankel case study
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We have gained a significant amount from your input into our marketing strategy and our overall business structure and approach. I especially like your ability to pull us out of the weeds, focus on the direction and the energy you bring to driving things forward.

Mike Mullen, Managing Director, Jankel


Jankel is one of the nation’s key military vehicle providers. Their vehicles provide protection for our troops and NGOs working in some of the world’s most troubled hot spots. However, many of the employees at the company’s headquarters were not always aware of the importance and impact of their work. As part of a wider strategic marketing programme, Jankel approached KPC to help inspire the workforce with a vision of the significant difference their work makes.

While our wider aim was to introduce a brand strategy that would take the company to the next stage of growth, we needed to engage employees on the growth strategy. We wanted to develop the company’s vision and values and inspire a culture of pride, as a solid platform from which Jankel would grow.

Our Approach

  • Feedback surveys with key customers helped to understand the external perception of Jankel and to reveal the real brand values felt by customers. This underlined the reliance of the end-user in the products Jankel was providing and thus the feeling of trust that customers felt.
  • We created a clear vision of the future that the company – and its employees – were aiming for. A future where everyone is protected no matter how difficult the job they do. This was underpinned by a strapline ‘Protection is Everything’ which became the mantra by which the company was guided.
  • To support the new brand and its powerful and emotional messaging, we produced collateral that told the story internally, emphasising the vision and mission of the company.
Jankel case study Jankel case study


  • The company was able to align around the vision of “Protection is Everything” and as a result, internal communication was aligned with all external marketing.
  • The sense of pride was felt by employees at the Company’s United States division and as a result, the internal campaign was adopted by the entire organisation.
  • Internal collateral pieces were used for induction purposes to ensure that all new recruits were also aligned with the vision and values.