CASE STUDY: Establishing a new presence in a new market

HRG case study
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The campaign was a huge success and at every step of the way I felt KPC was a safe pair of hands to manage operations. The event and press coverage ensured we made a great first impression to the local industry. I was impressed with KPC’s clever ideas to extend the story and as a result we got better than expected coverage in local and trade press.

Sallyanne Heywood, Head of Marketing Communications, Hogg Robinson Group plc


HRG was about to expand its corporate business travel service offering in the UK. As a key part of their growth strategy, HRG wanted to ensure success for the new venture, not just through PR and media, but also by ensuring the news would be warmly welcomed by key stakeholders in the new office location.

With experience of stakeholder relations from the pressurised rail industry, KPC was able to develop a programme of stakeholder communications that would help improve relations in a highly charged environment where regulatory and compliance factors added to the pressure.

The Approach

  • KPC mapped out local stakeholders to target and invited them to be part of HRG’s success by including them in the press story. This allowed us to test the temperature and flesh out any questions with local opinion-formers in advance of the news breaking
  • Supplemented the news release with an advertorial in a range of key press, focusing on the economic and employment opportunities in the area
  • Organised a pre-opening lunch event as a “private” opportunity for HRG to meet local stakeholders and align business opportunities
  • Developed a series of story angles to bring the news to a wider range of stakeholders, including a recruitment angle to engage with agencies (to build relationships for future use), a call to action for other local businesses as part of a sales pitch, and a local economy angle to appeal to the business press
  • Developed a supporting internal communications plan to keep existing HRG staff up to date and, where possible, encouraging them to share the news via their own social media networks
  • Prepared a series of tweets and comments to support the news via social media, again connecting with key stakeholders and supporting them with angles and comments to issue
HRG case study HRG case study


One year later, Reach Contact had increased their online presence significantly:

  • The advertorial piece was released as the leading business feature and was offered free of charge due to the quality content
  • The news story received coverage from local and trade press
    • 8 local papers followed the story, including the target press of Eastern Daily News and The Great Yarmouth Mercury
    • The story featured in 6 on-line publications
  • Local BBC radio was keen to interview key members of the team and discuss the local economy angle
  • The local business park released the news on their website attracting increased visits to their site
  • By the time of the official opening, key local politicians were already familiar and supportive of HRG and their plans for growth and development