Recent client survey yields positive results for KPC


At KPC we truly believe that communication matters. We pride ourselves on building, growing and nurturing relationships with our clients, demonstrated by the fact that 45% of our clients have been with us for more than 2 years.

When we wanted to dig a little deeper to know more about how our clients really felt us, we developed a very quick survey to send past and current clients, asking them how well we performed, how we might improve and what aspects of KPC they felt were our strongest assets.

If you completed the survey, a huge thank you. The results were amazing, providing a valuable insight into how we perform and where our strengths and weaknesses lie:

  • Wonderful confirmation that 100% of our customers would use KPC in the future. Whether for a branding project, an internal communications campaign or a full brand healthcheck.
  • A huge 80% of respondents listed ‘trusted partner’ as KPC’s top strength, which really cements our drive and passion to build strong relationships.

Customer surveys are a fantastic way to gather feedback on your products and services. If you want to create and develop a compelling set of questions to gather customer comments and evaluations, then why not contact KPC. We can support you in the development, output and analysis of your results, so you too can find out what your customers really think.

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Recent survey results