Another Agency Partnership for KPC


Lexis Agency is one of the City's top consumer, corporate and B2B agencies, boasting many of the UK's power brands such as Costa Coffee, Pizza Hut and internationally, Coca Cola. KPC is delighted to now be working alongside them on an internal communication project for a key client.

Lexis Agency adds to KPC's growing list of agency partners. These close working relationships allow both parties to share ideas and skills and ultimately, to bring an integrated suite of disciplines and solutions to a client project.

"We're working here to develop an internal communication plan to support the brand re-fresh the agency has been working on' says Deborah Kingsley.

"To have this opportunity to both support and learn from this an award-winning agency and valued client is great news. Exciting projects such as this one bring together all aspects of communication and marketing, allowing each of us to bring a different perspective and to build on each other's strengths. It's good to be a part of this team."

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