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With so many social channels available for businesses and each platform having a different use, it can be hard to know which social channel you should use and how best to utilise it. That’s why at KPC, we unravel the mystique and work with you on your social media strategy development to create and implement a plan that will produce results.

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‘Does social media for business really work’ and ‘what social platform is right for me’ are questions we get asked all the time. Luckily our social media experts are on hand to exert their knowledge and create a social media strategy that is measurable against targets set by you. This way, you know exactly what you are getting in return for your investment.

Using social media for business is critical and having a strong, sustainable and impactful plan is vital in ensuring you maximise your marketing potential.

However, what works for one business, won’t work for another – so our savvy social marketers will fully immerse themselves in your company to uncover the best approach.

If you’re looking to increase your company’s visibility and want to push your marketing reach, talk to KPC. We’ll take the strain out of your social media marketing practices through social media strategy development that puts your business in front of the right customers, at the right time.

Integrated Social Media Support

Marketing Alignment

For your social media strategy to work to its full potential, it needs to mirror your other marketing activities. At KPC, we’ll delve into your marketing strategy to ensure your social media activity expands on and enhances what you’re doing elsewhere. After all, the key to great marketing is consistency.

Campaign Planning

At KPC, we’ll take a great idea and turn it into a whole social media marketing campaign. To be effective is to be consistent and therefore our social media strategy development will set out a range of concepts that all push towards the same goal.

Content Creation

A great social strategy isn’t great without strong content. We’ll work with you to create the collateral you need to make your social media marketing a success. From case studies to social cards and infographics to videos, if we think it’ll work – we’ll create it for you.

Measurement and Benchmarking

When using social media for business, it I crucial to analyse your stats. Without measurement and benchmarking, you’ll never know if your efforts have been a success. At KPC, we’ll work with you to devise targets and goals that are measured on a month by month basis.

Speech mark

We were so pleased with the level of press and audience interest that you raised. Many thanks to all of your team who did really a good job despite some tight timescales. Thank you so much for your hard work and advice.

Louise Charlot, Marketing Manager, Flower Campings

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