Ecommerce websites

The digital scene is growing, with more and more high street and boutique businesses moving from a traditional bricks and mortar store to an online environment. There are huge benefits; smaller overheads, fewer staff and an easier platform to scale up and down according to the market.

Ecommerce websites or, online stores, are a great way to reach your customers on a national and global scale. Matched with a structured digital marketing strategy that encompasses the myriad of social media platforms, and ensuring the content is developed for the target audience, can be extremely successful for B2C and even B2B businesses.

Considering the consumer when mapping out the store is key. A clean, clear and concise layout of the store is vital to ensure a positive experience. This is also likely to instigate a return visit or a referral to a friend. Most online stores have an integrated payment gateway, such as PayPal or WorldPay to manage transactions.

Speech mark

I found KPC very responsive and immediately understood exactly what I was looking for from a website. KPC completely met my expectations for this project. Importantly what was discussed at the planning stage is exactly what was delivered.

Steve Simmonds - Managing Director, Bourne International

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