Stakeholder Relations

We develop stakeholder relation plans to ensure all audience groups, from customers to shareholders, from unions to pressure groups, are listened to and appropriately supported to ensure that, if and when crisis strikes, relationships with activists and stakeholders can be called upon.

What are your customers and stakeholders saying about you? What would you like them to say about you? We have experience of developing and delivering customer services strategies and stakeholder plans that provide foundations on which to build positive relationships, even when the parties don't always agree!

We employ techniques and tools based on dilemma-sharing, listening and of course, an honesty that reflects the real issues - perceived or otherwise. With experiences honed from highly unionised industries and from the tough world of the UK rail sector, we bring a cool head to what can sometimes be a heated environment.

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We asked KPC to help with a range of stakeholder relations and communications. We found their experience, professional attitude, and personal skills made them a very valuable partner. Creative and open-minded, Deborah is dedicated to projects, swift to react and participated completely to the success of the project. In fact, our relationship made KPC far more than a consultant.

Celyne Andureau International Director, Saur Group

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