Internal communication consultancy

The core of KPC

More and more businesses are recognising the importance of internal communication and employee engagement as critical to their success.

Internal communication today is thankfully, no longer about broadcasting messages, but about developing a strategic direction, goals and objectives around which employees can engage be part of and support, for ultimate business success.

What we do

We work alongside business leaders, HR and internal communications teams to:

  • Develop creative and impactful internal communication strategies to help engage your staff
  • Help devise and align your corporate strategy into meaningful messages
  • Ensure the corporate communication helps your businesses to be properly understood internally and externally
  • Put in place internal communication channels which support sustainable and meaningful engagement and two-way feedback
  • Bring a cool head to what can sometimes be a heated environment
  • Create crisis communication plans and checklists to plan for a more structured and confident approach, if and when crisis strikes
  • Develop stakeholder relations plans to ensure all audience groups, from customers to shareholders, from unions to pressure groups, are listened to and appropriately supported.
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KPC’s contribution goes way beyond the management of the "communication"; Deborah also acts as a sounding board to senior executives and is not afraid to challenge over their blind spots. Her natural enthusiasm gives a powerful boost when communicating with virtual teams and audiences. KPC is a real asset for any team that is pioneering a business.

Marketing Manager, Shell

Strategic internal communications from KPC

The sharing of corporate information, goals and direction to help staff get behind the strategy and strive for its success. From a strategic starting point, with measurable outcome, we then move to the messaging and internal communication channels which will best ensure two-way feedback and on-going engagement.

Internal comms process

Internal Communication is the beating heart of KPCs expertise. No business can survive or thrive unless its corporate goals and objectives are clear and inspiring, and unless the workforce is delivering them.

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes to help engage employees and to work alongside external interest groups, media and key stakeholders.

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Successful internal communications support from KPC

One of Shell’s largest B2B businesses needed some extra support to help bring meaningful and credible internal communication to their global audience.

This was a crucial time for Shell Specialities, as the business was the result of a recent merger between two separate divisions, requiring careful change management techniques to bring the two organisations - and cultures - together.

67% said they thought the value of their communication was good or very good – the highest performing division in Shell.


said they thought the value of their communication was good or very good – the highest performing division in Shell.

Shell case study

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