Corporate Communication

The development of the corporate mission and vision, the alignment of honest values that reflect the reality of the workplace and the internal and external communication of business strategy and direction.

Many companies have a business plan and strategy for growth and success. Few are able to clearly articulate it to their employees, shareholders, unions and even the media and other external audiences in a way that encourages commitment and confidence.

The culture and vision of any company is crucial to its success. KPC has a long history of working with c-suite and boards to define and develop their business plans and define their values in a meaningful way for the rest of the organisation.

Protecting reputations, strengthening brands, lobbying and campaigning, building cultures and encouraging change, maximising funding and channeling outrage into support, can all be shaped by strategic communications.

From annual reports, sustainability reports, company brochures and marketing materials, we ensure the corporate communication helps businesses to be properly understood internally and externally.

Corporate communication
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Your hard work and inspiration has been a driving force in the success of this campaign and I want you to know that it is as alive in the business today as it was in year one – which is a great testament to the strength of the campaign.

Emma Berry, Communications Director, Pfizer

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